assists retail
businesses enter the O2O
and double up sales.

SHOOPY enhances and builds customer relationships with your branded App and helps you double sales

Nowadays, it is nigh on impossible for businesses to ignore technology, but the critical question is: how to utilize it. Even small retail outlets are embracing the technology age, and understand the importance of mobile technology – such as cell phones and tablets – to their customers. Now, SHOOPY can assist small retailers in developing their own mobile application in order to seize the opportunity to equip themselves properly in today’s bustling market.

Mobile applications allow retailers greater flexibility and coverage by unifying their products with mobile e-commerce, enhancing the relationship with customers by allocating reward points for every transaction. Customers receive points whether shopping via their mobile or in the shop itself. However, those who choose to use the mobile App can benefit from the convenience of current technology.

In conclusion, if retailers fail to optimize their business through the application of new technology, in the future they will eventually be eliminated within the ever-competitive market.


SHOOPY 讓您以專屬手機程式 App 與客戶加強緊密聯繫,讓營業額倍增。





1.Your branded App
店舖品牌專屬 App

2.Customers can instantly download your branded App in-store.
顧客在店舖購物時,能透過 POP 或店員親自推介即時下載 App。

3.After a simple VIP registration process, customers earn rewards by snapshot vouchers. The VIP points will accumulate through mobile shopping or purchases in-store.

4.Members receive coupons or promotional messages via Push Notification.

5.Delivery by courier or pickup in-store.

6.Regular Members will upgrade to VIP automatically when total accumulated expenditure reaches a specified amount. Mobile membership can enjoy discount offers either in-store or via mobile shopping.

7.SHOOPY generates analytic reports for all your stores as well as your online shop.
SHOOPY 能提供所有銷售點(包括電子商店)的分析報告。

8.SHOOPY will be installed at each point of sales, to engage more fans via social network. It engages customers that visit your store. For instance, Facebook fans will see Place Tips with information about your store.
SHOOPY 能安裝在每個銷售點上連繫社交網絡,跟更多粉絲作互動。它能主動地跟顧客們作緊密連繫,如 Facebook 的粉絲能即時瀏覽您的店舖資料和其他資訊。

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SHOOPY assists retail businesses enter the O2O and double up sales.

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